Sunday, 2 June 2013

Disc Plough

Mounted Disc Plough

We offer premium quality Disc Plough which is ideally suited for adverse soil condition.
  • Disc Plough, Agricultural Disc Plough is an inimitable implement, which is directly mounted to the tractor.
  • This is a hydraulically operated basic implement for preparation of land.
  • It is very useful in hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition and in soil where scouring is a problem.
  • Heavy-duty clearance allows the plough to operate under heavy crop residual.
  • This heavy plough is more suitable for big pieces of land especially in rocky agricultural land.
  • For Heavy Tractors there is an option for enhancing the plough with an extra Bottom

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  1. Disc Plough used for deep ploughing in root-infested, sticky, stony, and hard soils. Mixes remains of crops and weeds throughout the extremity of disc plough, so it is ideal for rain-fed areas for checking soil erosion by water and wind. Spring loaded at a loose cancel rear furrow wheel govern the side draft to ensure straight operate and ease of handling by smaller tractor. Other features complement Re-greasable Taper Roller Bearing in disc hubs, Disc angle malleable to improve the insight behind changing soil conditions, Cat I and II grip and the Disc Scrapers are along with variable to ensure that the Discs remain tidy in every one conditions.