Monday, 25 February 2013

Rotary Tiller


We are engaged in offering premium quality rotatory tillers. These tillers are the principle example of cultivator because they save Fuel cost, Time and Energy. Rotatory tiller can be used in wet and dry land.
Rotary Tiller is better than conventional tillage equipments because it saves time, fuel, soil compaction & wear and tear of the tractor as it accomplishes better pulverization in shortest time. It leaves the worked soil perfectly leveled . Stubbles & residues of previous crop are chopped into pieces and thoroughly mixed in soil to form organic manure. No need for multiple operations of cultivator, disc harrow and plank. Puddling in wet fields is done smoothly, quickly....

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  1. Electric Garden Tillers - A Review For The Home Gardener

    An electric powered garden tiller is an excellent option for any garden enthusiast. They are simple to use and extremely versatile. Also because they don't use fuel they are simpler to store than other tiller versions. This will make routine maintenance on these models much simpler.
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